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Client Testimonial - Katharine Butcher - Toyota Rukus


Having grown up in a rural area of Queensland with limitation and very few services, my parents had always provided the best for me.  After life changing challenges happened about 4 years ago. I was left relying on a power wheelchair for everyday living.  It didn’t really hit us until I finished my university degree in Brisbane and landed a position back in the rural area, the need to transport my power wheelchair was a much greater challenge.  In the city I had access to the buses, trains, citycats and regular taxi services.  Once arriving back in the area, it hit me personally that I couldn’t go places independently due to the fact I need to transport my power chair. It was though the great effect of my family that found freedom motors, the investigation and phone calls between my family and freedom motors began. We made a trip to Sydney to view the vehicles and modification choices.  It was that day that I selected Toyota Rukus vehicle as my choice and the modification choice was the transfer into the driver’s seat from my power wheelchair.  This conversion choice was the one that best suited my needs and capabilities.  During the process of making the discussion, the staffs were very helpful at taking the time to return calls to any of my question, no matter how odd the question was. Once the discussion was made the vehicle was purchased in my local area and transported down to Sydney for the modification to be done as suggested by the sales team.  Over the two month period of the conversions, the sales staffs were fantastic at accommodating my travel arrangements and timeframe to fit it in with the very helpful workshop staff. Since collecting my car on 31st May 2014, then driving back to rural Queensland, it is like most things, there have been a few teething problems, but with help from the Freedom Motors staff, we were able to iron out the concerns and now everything is going really well.  My Toyota Rukus and transfer modification by Freedom Motors, has given me enormous independence and freedom.  The modification of transferring into the driver’s seat from the power chair has made it very comfortable   for me to able to drive.  It’s a very odd feeling been able to drive myself places and be completely safe and independent. I was very nervous at the start, because it had been so long since doing shopping and task confidently and independently. But now there is no stopping me from traveling anywhere I want to go.  I would strongly recommend this company to anybody that needs the ability to transport a power wheelchair to either give independence or more opportunity to allow their family to have outings together.  Freedom Motors have the choice and designs available to accommodate most needs within the Australian population. With much appreciation to my Family & Freedom Motors.

Katharine Butcher