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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles | 1800 672 437


Underside of a mobility wheelchair with an installed DAHL Engineering docking system clip above the docking mechanism.

Revolutionary Docking System will set new standards for flexibility and safety!        

Dahl Engineering’s newly developed electric Docking System provides a hitherto unseen flexibility and safety for wheelchair users. The Docking System is the first system on the market to be tested and TÜV certified in accordance with EU safety requirements for cars (M1) with an electric wheelchair which has a weight of 150 kg and integrated lap belt. In testing, the docking station has proved to be so strong that it can withstand a load corresponding to a wheelchair weight of more than 200 kg + passenger provided that the safety belt is installed in the traditional manner in the floor of the vehicle.

The wheelchair docking system is commonly used in Drive from Wheelchair Cars but is also very popular for passengers travelling in their wheelchairs as it allows the user to be secured into the car safely and swiftly with no stress, the system is easily operated by a one button release from the front and rear of the car.

Road safety should be for everyone – also for wheelchair users

The safety standards for restraint equipment for wheelchairs are not as strict as the safety requirements for other equipment used in motor vehicles. According to the current ISO standard, restraint equipment only has to be able to withstand the load from a wheelchair with a weight of 85 kg. At Dahl Engineering, we think that these requirements are inadequate. What is the use in using a safety belt if a wheelchair weighs more than 85 kg and the wheelchair and its passenger are thrown through the vehicle because the restraint equipment and anchorage points in the vehicle’s bodywork are torn loose during a collision? We also believe that docking stations should be tested with the wheelchairs with which they are to be used

The safest and most thoroughly tested system on the market

Dahl´s Docking Station is supplied with the most comprehensive documentation material on the market, and is the first universal system to be tested and TÜV certified in a large number of vehicles for wheelchairs weighing 200 kg + user. Dahl Engineering has specialised in being able to provide restraint equipment and fitting kits for wheelchair users that satisfies the strict EU M1 safety requirements for cars in accordance with EU directives 76/115-2005/41 and 74/408-2006/96 (relating to the anchorage of seats and safety belts in motor vehicles) where this is possible – with due consideration of the design and function of the aid and appliance concerned.

Please contact a Freedom mobility consultant for information on the most suitable docking system for your requirements. Call our headoffice on 1800 672 437 or contact one of your local State Freedom mobility consultant.

Here is the lates list of crash tested wheelchairs:                                            https://dahlengineering.dk/en/products/dahl-docking-systems/approved-wheelchairs-and-manuals/                    

Is your wheelchair not on the list and you would like to ckeck if it has been tested, please contact Freedom Motors. 

If you are a wheelchair manufacturer and would like to have your wheelchair brand tested and get on the list, all you have to do is make a wheelchair available and send it to Dahl Engineering in Denmark for crash testing with the latest docking system. When it passes the test, it will be put on the list.


GLIDE CENTRO Wheelchairs are now approved. 

MAGIC MOBILITY Wheelchairs are now approved

Download Installation and User Manual here:     dahlengineering.dk/en/support/downloads/

IMPORTANT: Dahl Docking Systems and Wheelchair Plates should be installed by approved installers only!

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